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You're propably wondering that while I'm typing this journal, have thought of it before back in the past and perhaps will think even after I publish this, hoping that I'd provide you more art for you people to enjoy.

Here's the thing: DA as a whole seems to be a bit of mess from the inside. And I can pretty much say this ever since being part of this place around 2006. Not just from some of it's unnecessary features it's keeping pushing in like YouTube does in order to look representable and better, if not even superior than what other websites or the actual website itself is (admittedly that also provides itself as a good kick under the belt for obvious reasons), but mainly from the way how the many people and standards in the website seems to work bizarrely against itself.

To enlighten the situation a bit from my perspective:

Community seems to always have an increasing number of people, mostly of those who are rather, well... immature at times. After all, if you pass by a picture that has content that somehow isn't up to someones liking, there will most likely be at least one case where the commentor steps up and instantly stirs up a problematic situation that can provoke many people the wrong way, just because the person thinks his view matters more than the others. And this may happen accidentally as well, since the person doesn't necessarely even think beforehand what his words may cause unless they are up with the point. It doesn't help that most of these immature behaviours can easily come into pictures that aren't even that important or non-"hop-topic" things and issues like politics, religion and such (even though having a constant flame war with this area is equally stupid), but on images like fan-art, crossovers, specific style or direction of artwork (anime, anthro and so on). Hell, specifically theme'd artists (in this case for the purpose of providing an example: "paraphilia artists") are the higher target for flammatory approaches from others since the basic understanding of "it's his/her/it's thing, don't like, don't care, move along" -idea is completely gone. Admittedly it can get confusing for many folks who aren't into a certain running theme or don't understand the interest behind a specific theme that may be constantly brought up by a certain artist, but in order to understand why someone has that appeal, it doesn't always hurt to ask them for possible reasons what the artist may see in it that is so intriguing to them and perhaps others in the same website as well. Either that or ignore the artist's specific content or the artist itself and head towards other things that may interest others more. The basics of "Netiquette 101" seems to be completely gone with the increasing number of people who thinks that this website is a Facebook/Tumblr for the folks who think their opinions matter alot more than anyone elses does.

Art-theft seems to still run quite strongly in this website as I've seen and heard. Not only is this a problem, but problem also lies in the way how the staff doesn't always seem to work on most notable of all the problems. Even the method how to report someone from having artwork stolen from an artist is difficult, since you need to fill in many different spots as if you were taking in the basic exam on becoming a prosecutor in a law-school, despite the obviousness and simplicity of the situation.

Speaking about reporting, there was this one person who tried to spread bad rumours of certain acquintance via notes. I tried to report to the DA staff about this, but appereantly, there was no capability of selecting the option that states "this person spams notes for no reasons" in the form that they'd accept it in. And to make matters worse, I couldn't exactly provide them any screenshots as evidence of this, so that was a bit of a difficulty there as well. Perhaps I've just been doing quite a good job on avoiding problems for now that I am quite clueless upon correct use of reporting, but it shouldn't be too hard either.

Nudity in art is a rather fiddly thing: on it's own, the artwork can be quite good. After all, being good at drawing anatomy always begins by having lots of skin show up ever since the dawn of advanced artwork back in the past. However, sometimes the more obvious posts that should be censored or otherwise looked again with a second eye seems to be missing from some of the folks who are accepting the kinds of artwork into the place. I guess that as long as the nude artwork doesn't contain obvious white stains on the character, it's good to go.... which, in my opinion, seems like a slap in the face of the strict rules themselves. But I suppose suggestive erotism can be stretched alot from here and there.

Variety in art on it's own is always a good thing and there should be more of them. That's what makes art so great: it can be done in so many ways to bring out topics, thoughts, ideas and messages without any help; it can entertain anyone in any possible way they wish to please the crowds with; it can be huge things that covers many things, concentrate on one thing or provide some examples here and there or even concentrate on some mundane things, bring portions from it or all of them if it has to. But somehow in this website, it seems to work against each others with the increasing amount of people here who are ready to bash other styles for not being interesting to them or otherwise they dislike the other artwork completely. This mainly shows up with artwork that don't get featured since they aren't always that interesting or up there with some of the specific, unwritten laws and standards as to what gets to be featured and what doesn't and in these cases, things can get rather nasty. Considering that I myself am drawing two specific themes over and over again (anthropomorphic dragons and huge muscles, obvs), I am an easy target for those who finds the artwork disgusting, confusing or otherwise an easy pick for verbal confrontation. In fact, at times, it seems that thanks to the evergrowing number of these kinds of people who can also be younger than I am seems to make the place more unwelcome for artists such as myself or anyone around these fields of areas to begin with.

Then again, I'm fully aware of the content I mostly seem to provide on this website and feel like that this is the wrong place despite how varied DA's artwork and artists are. There are people who does post and draw stuff as I do, but since there isn't a good spot to be in where I can feel that I'm at home without having that home bombed with reminders that pretty much makes you realize that you're in a verbal bomb shelling area, I post less artwork as a result.

And before I forget: some people still think that DA is Photobucket. That's about that then, since it's rather self-explanatory.

The direction that DA has taken also draws me back from this website: I am starting to notice that the trend of becoming a Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter/social trend media website is a huge thing. DA has always been a social media website in it's own sense that there are people who shares artwork they've done and receive comments and can reply to these comments (I just realized the irony in me complaining about that since any and all websites are social media), but now, it feels like the whole design is to make it look like it matters on even the more greater ("worse" in my case) social websites that are nothing but trend-related, bandwagons that somehow has grasp the world by surprise, something that is made to pull in people because how it's repeated on the TV, on ads, on videos, in papers or even spoken with person to person with, something where the idea is to make someone feel like "HOMGH AH MUST BE PART OF DAT THEEENG" without giving a second thought to it as to how a place might be like eventually. That, combined with some of the previous problems I've stated, has started to make me feel like I should come back here less and less. Or at least put less artwork in here because of the possible problems I do/will/might have to face that shouldn't just shouldn't be there. Sure I still fav loads of artwork here daily, so I'm not exactly going away just like that in a poof. Uploading artwork here is just not safe - it makes me feel like I'm subjecting something I like to share towards the wrong folks, in a wrong area, unguarded and ready to be stabbed multiple times because of the content I like and draw.

I might come to upload more artwork here if I deem it to be interesting and acceptable to DA's standards enough, but otherwise, consider the uploading speed and interest to upload here to be drastically decreased. For those of you who do wish to see more of my artwork, even those that I haven't uploaded here for various obvious reasons due to the content they have, you can find me on FA , where I post most of my artwork almost all the time. (I feel more home over there.)… <---- The content really varys even greatly here. You all have been forewarned here first and by clicking that link, you've taken the risk that only you can blame of yourself in the end.

TL;DR: DA's not a good place for me to upload artwork that I draw often alot, will decrease the amount of artwork here. Follow me on FA instead if you REALLY wish to see my stuff. I will still be here faving artwork, though.


Ari Kluukeri

Current Residence: Oulu, Finland
Favourite genre of music: Anything else except hip-hop, country and rap (unless they are made uniquely)
Favourite style of art: Pseudo-Anime/manga, Anthro, chibi, highly detailed art, realistic...even lil' bit fanart
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Skin of choice: Human/Scaly/Dragon/Wyvern
Favourite cartoon character: There's lot of 'em, if counted game characters too....seriously.
Personal Quote: Disheartening, isn't it...?

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